Santoku Knife

This all-purpose knife combines the wide shape of the Nakiri knife, which was originally used in Japan for centuries, with the pointed tip of the Gyuto knife, which was used in the West. Although the tip of the knife is pointed to make it easier to handle meat and fish, it is best suited for chopping vegetables, taking advantage of the width derived from the Nakiri knife. The standard blade length is 17-18 cm. There is also an easy-to-handle size called kosantoku (small santoku) with a blade of about 15 cm. Both steel and stainless steel are available.

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Gyuto Knife

This is an all-purpose knife suitable for slicing food, which has been used in the West for a long time. Although the name “Gyuto” tends to make people think that it is a knife exclusively for meat, it is now known as an all-purpose knife for home use along with Santoku. Like the Santoku, it can be used for chopping vegetables as well as for detailed work using the cut end. Since there are variations in the blade length, 18 to 21 cm knives are used for home use, while 24 to 30 cm knives are used for professional use. Both materials are available in steel and stainless steel.

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Petty Knife

If you have a Santoku knife or a Gyuto knife and need another one, a petty knife is convenient. Because of its small size, it is useful for cutting vegetables and fruits, peeling, and working with foodstuffs. Although the blade length is short, many people cook with only this knife, so the 150mm size can be used for a variety of foods.

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Nakiri Knife

This is a standard Nakiri knife used in Japan for a long time. Because the tip is not sharp, it is not suitable for meat or fish, but its square, wide, and straight shape is ideal for chopping vegetables. This attractive shape specialized for vegetables, which is not found in Santoku or Gyuto knives, is also favored by people overseas. Mainly for home use, the standard size is 16 to 18 cm. The most popular material is steel, which has excellent sharpness and long-lasting sharpness.

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Deba Knife

This is a Japanese knife specialized for fish processing. Compared to Western-style knives, the blade is thicker and heavier, making it possible to cut fish into three pieces and even cut fish bones. The blade length can be as small as 6 cm or as large as 30 cm for professional use, but for home use, knives with a blade length of 15 to 18 cm are generally used. The most popular material is steel, which has excellent sharpness and long-lasting sharpness.

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Yanagiba Knife

This knife is mainly specialized for cutting Sashimi Saku (a block of fish fillet). Compared to the all-purpose knife, the blade length is longer, so it is possible to cut off a section at a time without chopping it into pieces. Sashimi made with a sharp knife with a willow blade has a beautiful cut and is pleasant to the tongue, allowing you to make the most of the quality of the foodstuff. The most popular knives for home use are 21 to 24 cm in length, while those for professional use are 27 to 33 cm in length.

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